Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why Journal?

Why Journal?

First Of All I Would Like To Apologize To Our Soul Sessions Family For Taking So Long To Bring You Another Beauty And Wellness Post. I Had To Be Inspired…As I Knew Whatever Topic Followed The Previous Post About Sage Could Not Be Pretentious.  So, It Took Me A Minute But I Think I Will Give You A Glimpse As To Why I Journal, In Hopes That You Will Be Inspired To Journal Too!

As A Teenager I Remember Having A Journal (Back Then They Were Called Diaries).  I’ve Always Been Attracted To Expression, I Guess Somewhere Inside I’m Part Writer And Poet -- But Not A Lyricist Like My Brother “Richard Raw” (I Didn’t Get That Gene!)   I Now Know That The Reason I Journal Is To Document The Process And The Progress.  It Is Definitely Therapeutic To Release My Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions In A Creative Non-Destructive Modality.  There Are Seasons That I Don’t Journal, However It Has Always Been In My Life Thru The Years.  At Times I May Go Back To Read Some Of My Entries Only To Be Mesmerized By The Things I See On Paper.  Sometimes My Jaw Drops In Surprise Because There Are Things I Don’t Remember Writing And Didn’t Know I Had In Me.  Journaling Is Truly a Time Of Self- Reflection And Clarity.   Journaling Is Fun!  Journaling Is Healing!  It Has Become One Of The Tools I Use To Support My Journey, Perhaps That’s Why It’s Called Journaling J.  I Am Able To Record My Experience And Development As Life Unfolds.  Journaling Can Be Very Liberating As There Are Times When I Write And Tears Fall.  Sometimes In Joy, Repentance, Praise And Worship.  These Moments Are Tender And Merciful.  When Tears Fall For Me This Is The Surrender! The Ultimate Exchange For Enlightenment.  Journaling Is The Meditation, The Offering And Prayer! You Will Seek This Moment Again And Again… This Is Why I Journal.

You Should Try It Too.

Peace & Blessed Love
The Goddess Of Love, Beauty & Music, Daughter Of Light, Your Sage Sista

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