Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unreleased Song --"Bomb A Nation" (Richard Raw)

Richard Raw - Bomb A Nation 
Free Download Below

"Bomb A Nation" is an unreleased song that was recorded during the creation of my debut album The Renaissance in 2011.  Unfortunately, this song, produced by Philadelphia native Ryakin Rip, was not included on The Renaissance album because we weren't abel to finish it in time.   I hope that you enjoy the song and video.  Feel free to share!

-Richard Raw-  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Become a Hype TV Show Audience Member !

Become a Hype TV Show Audience Member

Saturday, March 23, 2013 From 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

The Hype is a TV talk show for, by and about young women.  Hype tapes once per month on Saturday afternoon's and is looking for a multi ethnic, multi generational studio audience with a focus on having girls between the ages of 12 and 25 in the crowd.  The show airs on Philly Cam on Comcast channel 66/966 and FIOS channel 29/30.  you can also find Hype on ROKU on the IFAME TV channel in the music section of your ROKU device.  

Hype is looking for people to join them on the taping of three episodes on Saturday March 23rd.  The topics include how to be your own boss, non traditional careers panel and why people have trouble staying committed in relationships.  

As an audience member you may get the opportunity to ask questions of of the guests.

Philly CAM TV Studio
699 Ranstead Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

International Fine Artist K.O. Simms will be at Basil Jazz Club on March 14th!

Don't miss this.... March 14, 2013.  A chance to take home your own personalized Live Drawing/Watercolor painting from International Fine Artist K.O. Simms

K.O. Simms will be on location at "Basil Jazz Club" at The Sheraton 
422 Delaware Avenue Wilmington, Delaware from 8:00 p.m until 11:00 p.m 

Johnny Popcorn "Hezekiah & Tony Whitfield" headline at The TrocaderoTheater on March 14th

Johnny Popcorn, the brainchild of Philadelphia musicians Hezekiah and Tony Whitfield, will grace the stage at The Trocadero Theater, tomorrow, March 14, 2013.

Blazing funky soulful rock and roll, Johnny Popcorn’s sound is eclectically cool and described by the group as a “potent drug more powerful than domestic painkillers”. With a description like that, it is pretty hard to imagine missing this show.

So if you are in the Philadelphia area, come out and enjoy the unique sounds of Johnny Popcorn and the following supporting acts:

Range Da Messenga
The Divine Lorraines
Zuzi Anablogue

Tickets are $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. The doors open at 8:00 p.m show starts at 8:30 p.m

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz -- Is Hip-Hop Becoming Balanced?

MTV has just released their 10 hottest MC's list of 2012.  Drum roll please....... 

Coming in at #1, is none other than the self proclaimed king, Kendrick Lamar (which I believe is well deserved). Coming in at #2, right under the reigning king, is 2 Chainz.   What I find interesting about the two winners (and you probably do too) are the extreme differences between the music that they each create.

Kendrick Lamar is more of a throw back MC coming from the lineage of Nas, Andre 3000, Ice Cube and Pharoah Monch. Kendrick is more of an introspective artist who places emphasis on witty word play, metaphors and intricate delivery. 2 Chainz is an artist whose lyrics are simple, focusing on the club and radio scene.   

Many Hip Hop purist have called for more of a balance between introspective "real hip-hop" and commercial, "radio friendly" hip-hop. Could this be a shift in the current hip-hop stratosphere? Will the success of Kendrick Lamar and his album Good Kid, Mad City open the floodgates and allow hip-hop artists to shift the pendulum away from the more mainstream dominated industry? 

What do you think? Leave your comments below!!!!

See the full list here!  Check out the discussions below!

Get More: 

Is It Time For Your Anointing? -- An Introduction to Sage

Sage, a healing herb, is used to cleanse and purify through the process of burning or "smudging".

Photo: Soul Sessions

Have you ever felt the need to really "clear the air" or bring peace to your space and self? If so, have you ever considered the use of sage? If you've never considered sage, now may be the time for you to do so... 

Words From Celeste
(the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Music -- a Daughter of Light and your Sage Sista)

Peace and Blessed Love,

There is something special about the ritual of smudging and anointing your self, your body or space to make it more sacred. Burning sage is a spiritual practice/discipline that can be utilized by anyone in need of anointing or healing. For me, a Daughter of Light and true Sage Sista, running out of sage is like running out of water.  

When you overstand that your life is a prayer, you begin to develop and incorporate habits and expressions, which make your journey and life more divine and holy. One such habit that you can begin is the burning of sage. The ritual of burning sage has been used for centuries and is one of the oldest and purest methods available to cleanse, purify, protect, heal and bless. The best herb to use for this purpose is white sage, which drives out any negative thoughts, energies, spirits or negative influences.

Sweetgrass can then be used to attract positive energy to aid healing after sage has dissipated all the negative energies. White sage can be purchased as loose leaves, sage bundles or incense sticks. Be certain to burn sage in a heat resistant dish with sand if possible. Smudging rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. It is of the highest importance that your intentions be clear before you begin calling on the spirit of the sage plant to cleanse and protect you, driving away any negativity from your heart. To take away everything unworthy and impure, smudge your whole body from head to toe, front and back, waving the smoke over yourself including limbs. Breathe in the heavenly aroma visualizing the smoke purifying your body from within.

Check Soul Sessions for an in-depth instructional post on sage smudging and purification rituals. Post coming soon!

For more information, products or consultation contact your Sage Sista at b2gsacredspa@gmail.com or (302) 438-0970.

Dr. Umar A. Johnson--Wilmington, Delaware--March 24, 2013!

Child therapist and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson is currently on tour promoting his new book entitled Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys. As part of his tour, Dr. Umar will stop in Delaware and bless the City of Wilmington with a lecture on March 24th at Christina Cultural Arts Center.

If you have children in your life, especially young black boys, and you are in the Wilmington area,  it is IMPERATIVE that you attend this lecture. With his powerful and prolific delivery, Dr. Umar provides insight into the root cause of many children's perceived educational and behavioral problems with suggestions of resolution.

For more information check out www.drumarjohnson.com and attend this lecture on March 24th in Wilmington, Delaware. Hope to see you there!

For tickets or further information, please call (302) 669-5886 or (302) 442-8862. Tickets are also available at the following locations:

Tasmiyah (302-656-2446)

205 W. 9th Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Nzinga's Cultural Connection (302-427-9426)
827 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Molly's Old Fashion Ice Cream and Deli (302-984-2773)
900 Justison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Cure For The Common Soul Mixtape Part 2 (LISTEN HERE!)

After a brief hiatus, producer, songwriter, videographer, and multitalented artistic genius Hezekiah has released a new mixtape entitled Cure For The Common Soul vol 2 (Famous Last Words).  Check out the trailer, press release and free stream of the mixtape below!

*** We know the word "mixtape" is thrown around these days -- void of mixing or a tape. But Hezekiah & Mr. Sonny James like to keep the bar up where it belongs. Cure For The Common Soul vol 2 (Famous Last Words) is a collection of songs where Hezekiah was either a featured artist, producer, or writer.  Over the past 2 years, Hezekiah has worked extremely hard on his craft -- so hard that that every month he had a new release. 

 Cure For The Common Soul vol 2 (Famous Last Words) is perfectly mixed by the super talented Mr. Sonny James (illvibe collective) who brings his soulful and technical DJ sensibility to this body of work creating pure magic. Hezekiah & Mr. Sonny James are what we like to call progressive / traditionalist. Perfecto!!! ***

What's the 411 with China and Africa?

Photo: Wikipedia
Africa and China building a relationship? What's up with that?

Africa is saturated with valuable natural resources and, as a result, has been the long-time victim of colonization and severe exploitation by European countries. Most people know about Europe's involvement with the Mother Land but few ever talk about the relatively new China -- Africa connection.

So what is this connection between China and Africa? all.Africa.com has some thoughts about the matter...Check out the article below for more information!

"Contrary to the claims of critics, China's partnership with Africa is based on sincere friendship, equality and mutual respect for the sovereignty through non-interference in domestic affairs and the offer of loans and grants
The emergence of China onto the global economic arena has received much attention, perhaps than any emerging economy the world has seen; and several reasons are attributed to this. Compelling are the sudden and astronomical increase of Chinese outward FDI (UNCTAD 2009) and the nature of this outward FDI; especially as it tends to defy all traditional principles governing outward FDI, particularly to Africa.
The continent is home to enormous raw materials, enough to capture the attention of any industrialized nation; China is no exception. Africa is the world's powerhouse of untapped natural resources; in fact it has about 99 percent of the world's chrome, 85 percent platinum, 68 percent cobalt, 54 percent gold and other precious minerals (Nevin 2008)."

Philadelphia's Own Is Back! BILAL! (Album Stream)

After years of waiting, soul singer Bilal is back with a new album entitled A Love Surreal.

Check it out below!

Bilal - A Love Surreal - Listen To The Album

R&B's "first born second" child is back. Bilal is hitting us with a new body of music in the form of A Love Surreal. Aside from releasing a mixtape last year, Retrospective of the Man Called Bilal, we haven't heard a full-length project from the singer since 2010's Airtight's Revenge. For A Love Surreal, Bilal takes us on a smooth journey into soul, funk and a world of vivid emotions.