Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Music Alert! - Richard Raw's "The Proletariat"

A Revolutionary’s Theme Music

April 23, 2013 – Lyrical wordsmith Richard Raw drops his new EP The Proletariat  on May 1, 2013 Combining cultural knowledge with revolutionary prose over banging beats, The Proletariat is an effortless crossover project that both popular and conscious hip-hop fans will enjoy. 

The Proletariat is the soundtrack to the struggle of liberation,” says Richard Raw. “It is a revolutionary’s theme music. I keep it conscious, but remain on a level that popular rap fans can relate to.”

Following in the footsteps of hip-hop legends Nas and Common, Richard Raw has mastered conscious hip-hop expression without losing his fan base in the popular hip-hop realm.

“It’s important for me to speak to revolution and the struggle of my people without losing the fans who like their hip-hop to be beats and basic rhymes. I had to find that balance.”

When creating the EP, Richard Raw channeled the energy of the times; youth fighting against government power, unjust racism gaining global media coverage and social change becoming a reality. He also tuned into the slow but steady shift of hip-hop from anemic lyrical content to thoughtful verse and thought it was time to unite the changing social stratum with the maturing genre of hip-hop. What was born from this unity was The Proletariat, a ten-song project that promises to ignite your revolutionary spirit and keep you rockin’ through the summer.

Includes the summer anthem "True Leaders"!

Check out a snippet here.

Available May 1st on iTunes and at Amazon.com

To purchase a hard copy of The Proletariat or for more information about appearances and other releases, visit richardraw.com.

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